Edmonds Community College Affiliation 

If you are new to the Co-op system, you might be surprised to learn that WECP doesn’t only teach young children. All adult Co-op members are registered with Edmonds Community College and earn parent education credits.

What does this mean for you? As a parent, you will be learning about early childhood development through your time spent working in the classroom. Additionally, during our monthly member meetings, you’ll take part in breakout group sessions with the other parents in your class, led by your Parent Educator.

Our Parent Educators are specialists in early childhood education and development as well as parent education. They will guide you and your fellow parents through techniques for handling hurdles and celebrating milestones typical of your child’s age. As all parents of little ones can attest, having someone to turn to for guidance and support during these early years can be such a help.

You can learn more about Edmonds Community College’s Parent Education program here.