What is Co-op Preschool?


Co-op preschool is an affordable alternative to private preschool, offering a unique environment where children learn while being supported by parental involvement in the classroom. A low child-to-parent ratio allows for more activities, greater interaction with each child, and increased supervision. Parents learn how to facilitate learning through exploration and self discovery.

WECP is a non-profit organization affiliated with and supported by Edmonds Community College. Edmonds Community College's Family Life Education department provides us with on-site parent instructors, who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of early childhood development and parenting education.

The five cooperative preschools in Edmonds Community College's Parent Cooperative Program focus on learning through play. The curriculum includes age-appropriate activities in art, music, math, creative drama, science, and language.

By becoming involved with a parent cooperative program, you will:

  • Support and guide your children and their peers as they develop social skills.

  • Discuss child development and parenting strategies with an experienced educator.

  • Make new friends with parents who have children the same age as your own.

  • Develop a new appreciation for the purpose of play with babies and children.

  • Reduce preschool costs through your active participation.